These two slabs (in scale to one another), now at the National Museum of Archaeology in Valletta, are from the first (right) apse of the first Tarxien temple. The slab on the top, judging from the hollow cut in the paving slab to accommodate it in situ, used to be 2.30m (7.5 feet) long. It is now 22 cm (8.5 in) high, 30 cm (12 in) wide and 1.15m (3.35 in) long. Click on the image of the slab to see it close up.

The other slab, found close to the top one, at the same apse in Tarxien temple, is also at the Museum. It is 1.68m (5.6 feet) long, and 25 cm (10 in) high. It represents a 'procession' of 22 goats (or sheep) sculptured in relief. Click in the middle of the image of the lower slab to see a close-up of four goat/sheep relief.