Ggantija, (the Giantess Tower) is the most impressive of the Maltese Temples. The ruins had been noted since 1772 and the remains were 'cleared' (not excavated) in 1827 under Colonel Otto Bayer. A large amount of debris had accumulated in and around the megaliths. Pottery and other finds were not preserved except for a small number of objects. The complex consists of two temples; the bigger southern temple is the older of the two. Its facade stands unrestored to a height of 6 meters (19.6 feet). Unfortunately due to traffic and weather factors it has been discovered that this part of the facade is leaning forwards, risking collapse. The road behind the temple has been closed for traffic and a scaffolding has been put up, to temporally support the wall.

Pronunciation: ji-gun-ti-ja

Ggantija Aerial Photo