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Diving related links
Links a siti dedicati all'immersione subacquea

If you need your technical and scientific diving related links to be
listed here
please contact: contatti@ techdivers.net

Se desiderate che il vostro sito, d'immersioni tecniche e scientifiche appaia in
lista potete scriverci a:
contatti@ techdivers.net

Italian Diving agencies: 
IDEA Europe
NASE Italia
U.T.R. Italian Technical diving agency

Diving agencies:
ANDI Australia American Nitrox Divers Institute (ANDI)
BSAC The worlds largest diving club and also the governing body for UK diving.
DAN  Divers Alert Network.
GUE  D.I.R. diving organisation.
IAFD Scandinavia International Association of Free Divers.
IANTD A technical diving organisation catering for mixed gas and beyond.
NACD NACD - National Association of Cave Divers
NAUI Another large organisation.
NDF Norges Dykkerforbund.
NOB Nederlandse Onderwatersport Bond.
NSS-CDS National Speleological Society (NSS-CDS) - Cave Diving Section.
PADI A huge diving commercial company.
Professional SCUBA Association (PSA) Extended Range Recreational Dive Training.
SSI Another large organisation.
SSDF - Svenska SportDykarFörbundet.
SUSL - Finlands Sportdykarförbund
TDI A technical diving organisation
VDST - Verband Deutscher Sporttaucher e. V. 

Equipment / Attrezzatura:
Andy's Drysuits and Undies
Dive Rite
Extreme Exposure
Gavin Scooters
Harvey's Divesuits
Highland products
Kent tooling and componentst T Great Reels - Ottimi reels
Mobby's USA, Inc.
Narked at 60
Nordic Blue
Northern Diver
Otter Drysuits
Polar Bears
Polar Diving Systems
Poseidon Industri AB
Pelican Products
RIX Industries
Reef Scuba Accessories
Scuba Pro
Spiromec AB
Sub-Aqua Products
Submarine Manufacturing Products
Submerge/Silent Submersion
Trelleborg - Viking
Undersea Breathing Systems
Underwater Kinetics
Unterwassertechnik Kabot
Vandagraph Ltd
Waterproof Diving

Italian Diving equipment:
Coltri sub
Cressi sub
Dive system
Diving Technical Center
Dolphin line
Elios sub
Fa & mi
Foto leone
Fraco sub
Free shark
Modulo M
Ocean reef
Polo Sub Roma
Ra. ma
Scuba light
Seac sub
Sub & sea


More about equipment:
"How To" books about scuba equipment 
How to fix your regulator, how to build a canister light cheap, cheapest source of batteries, 
how to mix your own gases.
O2 Analyzers and O2 replacement sensors - Cheap 
Build your own O2 Analyzers and O2 replacement sensors - Cheap 
More O2 Analyzers 
410 Stainless Steel Clamps to attach D-rings Search for "Worm-Drive Hose Clamps" 
Highland Tank Bands and Clipss 
Wreck Reel Replacement Line Need to replace your lost wreck line or upgrade to a thicker line 
(less bird nests) - White Braided Nylon Seine Twine or Diamond Braided Nylon 
Wreck Reel Replacement Line 
Dry suit pockets and other gear 
Just glued it on, there is a tip on doing this on the Halcyon site. 

O2 - FDA article Fresh Air 2000
FDA article on O2 O2 in Aviation setups Standard rigging for a stage/deco bottle 1 Standard rigging for a stage/deco bottle 2 DiveRite's long article on stage rigging All about Tanks - weight, bouyancy, size, etc. Make your own D-I-R style knife and sheath D-I-Y article on how to make your own D-I-R style knife
Rechargable Batteries
Rechargable batteries for conister lights, scooters, exit signs and even battery backup (APC) systems
Tony's Maffatone's gear! ABC Article on Tony's Maffatone Cave Diving: NSS-CDS National Speleological Society (NSS-CDS) - Cave Diving Section NACD NACD - National Association of Cave Divers Cave Divers Association of Australia (CDAA) Blue Holes of the Bahamas Cave, Cavern, & Sinkhole Diving Cave Divers Corner Cave Diving Cave Diving...it's not for everyone Cavern Cave Diving Church Sink Project Cozumel Cave and Cavern Diving Deep Cave Exploration in Thailand Dos Ojos Ed Padgett's Cave Diving Page El Jacinto Pat Expedition Project Estudios de Profundidad del Sistema Zacaton - The hydrogeology and speleogenesis of one of the deepest caves in the world ! Floridacaves.com Go Diving! Iceland's Caves In-Depth Mayatech Cave Articles National Association for Cave Diving Sharky's Cave Diving Links Sidemount.com Spleleo Link Page Steve Irving Cartography Underwater Caves of the Yucatan Yucatech Expeditions Wakulla Springs - National Geographic Woodville Karst Plain Project (WKPP)

Buddy Inspiration The Inspiration Closed Circuit  
Eric's Tek Diving Page 
Marine Technology Development Inc. 
Odessey Rebreathers 
Rebreather Basics - Get Looped 
Rebreather Web Site 
Rebreathers CCR 2000 
Uwatec Atlantis 1
Rich Pyle's Rebreather Page
Recap of the Rebreather forum held in September '96 
Interesting articles on Rebreathers and their state.
The A.A.R.G. (Australian Amateur Rebreather Group) website.
CEDU Rebreather pages - Homebuilt rebreathers.
The Cranfield University 'Homebuild' Rebreather- 
Where can you buy Russian military dive gear
The Anywhere SCR Home built SCR.
Diver Daves' Rebreather Tour Site
Rebreathers Worldwide
Tom Rose's rebreather projects

Trimix/Nitrox general:
Gas Compressibility Factor
Gas Diving UK
Hogarthian Gear Configuration
Jim Cobb's Trimix Page
NDL Nitrox/Air Comparison
Nitrox FAQ - Alan Wright
Nitrox FAQ
Nitrox (What it is and What it isn't) - New Jersey SCUBA Diving
Parker's Nitrox FAQ - Answers to many questions about Nitrox
RC Dive Technology O2 analyzers
SCUBA Central's Nitrox
Trimix Trimix Trimix
Association of Underwater Explorers
Confessions of a Mortal Diver
D.E.C.O. Divers Online - diving extreme conditions only
Diving under Antarctic Ice
Four Cubic Equations Of State - not light reading
IANTD Journal - Some good articles
In-Depth On-Line Technical Diver's Guide
Mark's Nuggets
Technical Diving Video Library
Zacaton - site of world depth records.
Some other diving related interesting sites / Altri siti interessanti:
Cyber Diver Scuba Magazine 
Dive into the ad-free Scuba Diving Magazine that you can trust?

Web site for Search and Recovery 
Advanced training for all Rescue, Search and Recovery divers

AUE - The Association of Underwater Explorers 
A coalition of divers dedicated to the research, exploration, documentation, 
and preservation of submerged cultural resources.

Sport Divers
DiveMedicine links 
DAN - Divers Alert Network 
Diving Medicine Online 
Comprehensive updated information about diving
and undersea medicine for the non-medical diver, the non-diving medical professional. 
Primary Care Diving Medicine focuses on the everyday needs of sport  divers. 
Eye surgery and diving PRK and LASIK Information 
Oxygen Toxicity on the Eye Effect of Oxygen Toxicity on the Eye
Diving  accidents include injuries and fatalities 
Send Us your: Decompression issues, Equipment failures, Marine animal 
attacks, Stings, Bites and Diver Errors!
PFO story Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO).
Decompression: All about decompression theory (Bruce Wienke) Basic decompression theory and application data, or, technical diving in depth, both from Bruce Wienke. ( ftp.decompression.org/pub ) - Interessante !
Deep Bounce Dive Safety (Richard L. Pyle) Insights on Deep Bounce Dive Safety From the Technical Diving Community Bubble science benefits deep divers (Wienke) Los Alamos National Laboratory discovered a new system of dive tables that govern how deep and how long a diver may safely stay down.

Diving software: 
FREE Deco Software
GAP is a fully-fledged decompression program (Windows) 
GAP is a fully-fledged decompression program that utilises unpadded 
Bulhmann's decompression algorithm for mixed gas decompression.
As an add-on it is also supplied with the ground breaking 
deep stop algorithm developed by Erik. C. Baker which is also 
used by GUE's decoplanner. 

XS for (Windows) 
XS for Windows is a Buhlmann ZH-L16 based decompression program aimed at divers of all levels. 

V-Planner (supersedes Z-Planner) (Windows and Linux !) 
V-Planner is a decompression program that uses the Varying Permeability Model (VPM). 

Dive Planner for Psion 5 and Nokia 9210
Decompression software for the Psion 5 and other EPOC based devices. 

M-Plan (MacOS, Palm OS, DOS, Windows, Linux, HPUX)

DivePlan for PalmPilot Page (Palm OS)
Pay for software: GUE's DecoPlanner decompression software Approved by George Irving Abyss: Advanced Dive Planning Software
Shipwrecks: Archaeological Conservation Shipwrecks and Other Maritime Disasters Worldwide Shipwreck Registry The U-boat War 1939-1945 Naval Historical Center: The Navy Department Library Professional Shipwreck Explorers Association Wrolf's Wreck Artifact Restoration Once you remove an object from seawater, the O2 allows oxidation to occur, which promoted cupric oxide to form (corroded brass). Your best bet would be to drop it in a muriatic bath to clean off the corrosion. Then stick it in fresh water and see if you can leech out the rest of the salts. Let this soak for a long time...
Weather / Meteo: NOAA Marine Forecasts Navy Marine Weather and Wave Forecasts UNCLASSIFIED Hurricane Season Predictions NOAA Seaboard Eumetsat


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