The most elaborated site of the Temples of Malta. Tarxien must have been an important site for the Temple builders. It really consists of three temple structures attached together and which were excavated by Sir Themistocles Zammit between 1915-1919. The main entrance is a modern reconstruction, done in 1956, when the whole site was restored, and in some areas reconstructed. In the same year many of the decorated slabs found in-situ were taken indoors for protection, at the museum of Archaeology in Valletta. The first temple dates to around 3,100 BCE and is the most elaborately decorated of the Maltese Temples. The middle temple dates to about 3,000 BCE, and is unique. Unlike the rest of the Maltese Temples, it has three pairs of apses instead of the usual two. The east temple is dated (like the first temple) at around 3,100 BCE. The remains of another (older (3,250 BCE) and smaller) temple is visible towards the east.
Tarxien Plan

Pronunciation: tar-sheer-n

Tarxien Aerial Photo