Another example of the precise alignment of the Southern Temple in relation to the rising sun on the equinox days.
This particular image was photographed on the equinox sunrise of September 23, 1994. The sunrise from the sea horizon was at about 06.50 hours, and the sun appeared over the hill opposite Mnajdra at about 07.26 hours. On this day, the equinox occured exactly at 08.19 hours. Being very close to the actual equinox moment, the ray of light is exactly parallel to the main axis. Note how it hits slightly both sides of the trilithon portal. This happens only when the equinox and the sunrise are close to one another, as this can vary by various hours. Going a day before or after, only one side of the trilithon is hit by the sunlight! The mystery is how prehistoric man managed to arrive to such precision, since the actual sunrise (from the sea horizon) occurs behind the hillside, it must have been very, very difficult for the temple builders to measure the exact moment of the equinox.
Ray of Light