Here is the collection of the fragments of statues or parts of human anatomy from the Temple Period.
They are put in order by size (averagely) and style.

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Figurine 01 Figurine 02 Figurine 04 Figurine 03 Figurine 05
Figurine 01.jpg Figurine 02.jpg Figurine 03.jpg Figurine 04.jpg Figurine 05.jpg
Figurine 06 Figurine 07 Figurine 08 Figurine 09 Figurine 10
Figurine 06.jpg Figurine 07.jpg Figurine 08.jpg Figurine 09.jpg Figurine 10.jpg
Figurine 11 Figurine 12 Figurine 13 Figurine 14 Figurine 15
Figurine 11.jpg Figurine 12.jpg Figurine 13.jpg Figurine 14.jpg Figurine 15.jpg