Map of the Area. 
WAY for arriving.

Coming from speedway or the airport, following the arrows for Sesto- Rifredi- Careggi you get  V.le XI Agosto- on the left of the map.  Go on it. and after 2 km. get out on the right for Rifredi- Careggi. ( is the left red line)
Go with the trafic. ASA you see an ERG petrol pump on your left, turn left ( Via E. Spinucci). Cross the trafic light with via delle Panche, and follow the map. ( this is the way with less trafic)

If you miss Via Spinucci go on straight. After 300 mt. on your left there is the arrow for Careggi hospital. Turn left, enter in via Vittorio Locchi, and follow the map.

Anywhere, if you miss again, find Careggi Hospital main gate ( everyone knows). On the map you have an area where is written on " Azienda Ospedaliera  Careggi" and some red crosses. The south one is the main gate. The north one is the back gate. Looking at the main gate :
turn right- turn left ( V.le Pieraccini), turn left (via delle Oblate), cross the bridge- turn left- turn right ( via della Quiete)- turn left in via Dazzi.

For arriving at the house there is a  a gravel road, about 250 mt. Follow the gravel road till the end . You don't see the house from the main road.



You can see where the villa is, relating to the town. We are in the historical park of Florence's hills, at the beginning of the hills, on the north side ( south exposure). Is the place with the best, clean air in Florence ( this is the reason why Hospitals are here), because we are south exposed, but the valleys from the mountains ( Appennini) open themselves here. So we are south-exposed, with clean, fresh wind from the mountain forests, because don't cross the town.

From the House to the Cathedral  5 km. ( 3,5 miles)

Close to the airport ( on the left- but we don't have plain noise. Different routes) speedway exits of A1 (sun speedway) and A11 (Florence-sea) that get in the speedway from France (Nizza)

If you want more detailed maps go to www.libero.it   click on Mappe and tipe the address ( Via Pietro Dazzi 5 - Firenze)





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