Memories Of A Timeless Vision

I saw all the empire collapse
I saw peoples marching towards other lands
Like a raging tide that wears away the high cliffs
…All is recalled in my vision
In the dark trembling suspended emotions
Of those who live in the sand
Of those who build castles
Not to be carried away from the fury of fate
Through the eagle’s eyes
Backward journey into the remote borders of time
I live again my present
My future is a subtle shiver already lived
I am young again to listen to the Earth’s heart beat
I have grown old trying not to forget the old teaching of Gods

Laoidhan Fogharach Na Dubhachas Agus T-Aisling Agam
Autumnal Hymns To My Melancholy And Dreams…
Tràth na gaoth, seachd lan de laoidhan agus mac-talla
Tha a’duilleach a’sìoladh... chrìon an t-aisling
Am bi gràdhaichidh an sìamhach deuran?
Foghar nach eile a tighinn,
Gus a nise an cadal fuar
Season of winds, rich in the echo of past hymns
Leaves falling… a dream fading away…
Can this silence of tears be loved?
Another autumn is coming
Before the cold sleep
The Shining Darkness (Omega)
Rain is coming… for one thousand days more
Without respite - a flooded world
Taranis - nemesis of cosmos
Lightnings will forge new abysses
The Earth will vomit fire

Eclipse… our Celtic blood seethes
Dawn of a new dimension
The shining darkness, the prophecy is coming true
Pagan omen - divine power
Eclipse… the black sun rises,
the cycle starts again
Another hour of this life
To admire all the things that are greater than me
Why am I filling my head with these mystic thoughts?
I have finally reached the point of no return
Planets will continue their endless cycle
Mountains will keep on showing their magniloquent mass
Total eclipse… the hour glass is over
Search in your soul
and hold your breath…