November 20th - Aisling will enter at Fandango Sound Studio in Trieste to record the new full length album intitled 'Stone Of Light'. Release date March 2007 through german label Einheit Prod. Maybe this time the layout will be made by the artist Ana Kusicka ( Here's the titles of some songs that will be part of the CD: Stone Of Light, Life's Mirror, Percedol (Heart Of Autumn), Where Immortality Lies.

September 29th & 30th 2006 - Aisling have been the first West European band that played gigs in Ukraina. After the gig in Niesem (29/09/06), the band was headliner at Metal Festival in Cernigov, 30/09/2006, where there were 1.000 fans!

September 23th 2006 - Aisling played in Munich (Germany) at Titanic City Club during the last date of the european 'Spirit Of The Ancient Tour' together with Odroerir (Germany) ed Eluveitie (Switwerland).