AISLING…"dream-like vision"…….Celtic metal band where symphonic elements are mixed with sonorities mindful of the black metal, more sensitive to pagan feelings that recall ancient visions and emotions.

AISLING [ashlig = dream-like vision] is a name of celtic origin chosen to represent our musical dimension.
Our city, Trieste, has been founded around 500 B.C. by the celtic tribe of the Carni Càtali and not withstanding that more then 2000 years have passed, we feel a strong bond with the traditions, the mentality, and specially with the spirituality of our ancestors. Our "dream-like vision" helps us to reach the roots of the pagan culture, to believe in the irresistible and destabilizing power of Nature and to stimulate our fantasy to evade from this fake reality.

Our first album is not casually titled "Aisling", 'cause it represents the artistic continuity of an evolutionary process (which started with the first demo), directed to express in a more elevated manner the complexity and the depth of our emotions. What our work represents is this complexity of opposed emotions, veiled by an aura of sombre pagan fatalism. In this process, different states of the individual sensibility are meeting with the cosmic evolutions, in a cyclic view. Our ambition is to preserve, in this era of decadence, a spirituality in harmony with Nature, source of visions and sensations.